International Conference. The Challenge of Global Cybersecurity

Within the framework of the Research Project “The Challenge of Global Cybersecurity from an International-legal Perspective” awarded by the National Research Agency, an International Conference will be organized in Granada on 26-27 March 2020. This Conference aims to carry out a holistic analysis on cybersecurity from a legal-international point of view, assuming as a starting hypothesis, and always with a critical approach, that an increase in international collaboration will make it possible to address in a more effective way the various threats found in this field, i.e. cyberwar, cybercrime, cyberterrorism, or cyber espionage . The aim is to put together an array of first-level keynote speakers that will deal with the most cutting-edge issues regarding cybersecurity. Moreover, a call for papers has been organized so as to allow researches in the field from all over the world to introduce their current work on this area.


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Mar 26 - 27 2020


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